Monday, September 14, 2009

Subversive announces its new season! Check us out in 2009-2010!

Buffalo’s only people’s theatre is excited to announce a working list of our 2009-2010 season. Featuring an extraordinary list of plays by such radical greats as Bertolt Brecht, Langston Hughes, Ariel Dorfman, Dario Fo, and Eve Ensler, our 2009-2010 Season is quickly sizing up to our best yet. Below please find a brief explanation of each show, with detailed releases to follow as they approach.

o October 15th - November 7th, 2009 WIDOWS by Ariel Dorfman Directed by Kurt Schneiderman, Starring Arlene Clement & Victor Morales. An inspiring tale of speaking truth to power as widows defy and unnamed Latin American military junta by Chile's Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright/novelist.

o November 20th - December 12th, 2009 WE WON'T PAY! WE WON'TPAY! by Dario Fo Directed by Donn Youngstrom. An off-the-wall comedy about strikes, food riots, and peoples' power by Italy's incomparable Nobel Prize-winning socialist playwright!

o January 8th - 31st, 2010 EIGHTY-FOUR Conceived of and Directed by Brian Zybala. * This multi-media physical theatre experience offers a powerful re-interpretation of George Orwell's dystopian masterpiece"1984," unfortunately more relevant to today's world than ever.

o February 18th – March 14th, 2010 HARVEST by Langston Hughes Directed by Kurt Schneiderman.* For our fourth annual "Workers' Power Play Series," union history comes bursting to life as Black, white, and Latino migrant farm workers unite and strike in 1930s southern California.

o April 1st - 25th, 2010 NECESSARY TARGETS by Eve Ensler Directed by Susan Forbes*, Starring Lara Haberberger* & Kelly M. Beuth.* Presented in association with Buffalo's feminist troupe "The Brazen Faced Varlets," a moving account of women refugees of the Yugoslav Civil War by America's leading feminist playwright.

o Saturday, May 1st, 2010 THE FURIES OF MOTHER JONES by Maxine Klein Directed by Susan Forbes.* For the ninth annual installment of our "May Day Staged Reading Series" comes this unique working class musical about the Turn-of-the-Century agitator known as "Mother Jones."

o May 13th - June 6th, 2010 A MAN'S A MAN by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Mark Tattenbaum* & Drew McCabe,* Brecht's farcical story of dehumanization and murder by western soldiers in the Middle East -- all TOO relevant to today's issues!

o June 17th - July 11th, 2010 sUBVERsIVE sHORTs 2010! By multiple playwrights with multiple directors, our original new political play showcase is now an annual event with a huge arsenal of radical works from all across America taking on just about every issue you can imagine!

In addition to the events listed here, The Subversive Theatre Collective also offers staged readings, lectures, film screenings, improvisation showcases and more throughout the year, often themed in conjunction with our shows. Please visit to view a complete calendar of events, or visit us on facebook for more current listings!

As always, all Subversive Theatre performances are presented on a pay-what-you-can basis at The Manny Fried Playhouse at 255 Great Arrow Avenue on the third floor of North Buffalo's historic Great Arrow Building. Come check us out for thought provoking, controversial, socially relevant theatre for people who don’t belong to country clubs.

• = indicates members of the Subversive Theatre Collective.

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